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Customer Experience


It is during the fitting that the customer will come into contact with your products. This is a major challenge because it is a question of :

  • respond to the legitimate expectation of experiencing the desire felt
  • protect the articles,
  • while at the same time reinforcing the feeling of luxury.

This threefold challenge is a matter of excellence right from the product design stage.

Sourcinn is a specialist in the in-cabin customer experience.

Customer Experience


Customer Experience


Customer Experience


The development of a pair of knee-high socks to put on when trying on shoes at Hermes. 
This small, seemingly innocuous and practical piece of fabric that is handed to the candidate at the fitting was the subject of a year of development. 

For women, the choice of knit, its color, its seams, but also the length of this knee-high was the subject of dozens of tests and feedback. As well as the way of being presented, seized, unrolled, put on. From the storage issue to the gesture of holding, every moment was taken into account to deliver, in mass production, a product so perfect that it becomes invisible, to leave room for the sole pleasure of trying on. 

For men, the choice of the thickness of the knit, the material and the model allowing a perfect fitting, whatever the size of the foot, have also been the subject of numerous tests. Whether the customer is a size 35 or 45, he will try on his shoes in the best conditions. 

The robe is a classic for fittings in luxury or VIP stores.  Allowing the customer to move freely in all modesty, to take a champagne break, or to exchange with his sales consultant, the luxury bathrobe cannot be satisfied with being trivial. Sourcinn has developed this demanding product for HERMES, asking for its suitability to all morphologies, mixed, without transparency, soft and comfortable. 

Protection of articles 

The fitting must not alter the quality or the appearance of the product, associated with growing hygienic concerns, Sourcinn offers protective products for the fitting.

The hat protector, but also, under study for some time, the project of a veil, a veiline intended to protect clothes from the customers' make-up. We are still looking for the perfect combination of size, texture, weight, fall, ideal sourcing... 

Customer comfort 

For the comfort of customers, but also to protect their purchases, luxury boutiques provide their customers with umbrellas. Produced in large quantities, they must not only protect the time of the return to the hotel but also convey an image consistent with that of the brand. 
There is no doubt that this type of product, considered as a consumable, is durable by its design and quality.


Packaging for luxury houses is designed to enhance, protect and transport your products, but also to prolong the acquisition experience. 

We are aware of the importance of the quality of the latter, the vector of your values, the one that will shelter the acquisition until the customer's home. 

Displayed or reused, it reminds without thinking about it the customer experience lived in store.

Sometimes an object of desire or a collector's item in its own right, it is nonetheless a utilitarian object that must be produced in large quantities, without sacrificing quality. 

Box, bag, case ... Sourcinn knows how to adapt to your expectations to create the right packaging for all your products.